The Interdisciplinary Sacred Music Dramas have exerted a transformative influence in Notre Dame. New collaborations have emerged between faculty and students of diverse departments, and students have begun creating interdisciplinary projects of their own. New works of art now exist beyond the performance of the dramas, and a more fertile ground exists for future permanent interdisciplinary initiatives, now under discussion.

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    Prof. Carmen-Helena Tellez, Artistic and Music Director
    Dr. Daniel Stein, Postdoctoral Fellow in Interdisciplinary Performance

    Notre Dame Faculty Advisory Committee
    Prof. Peter Holland, Associate Dean for the Arts, Chair
    Prof. Margot Fassler, Director, Sacred Music at Notre Dame
    Prof. Don Crafton, Film Studies
    Prof. Susan Ohmer, Modern Media
    Prof. Richard Gray, Fine Arts
    Prof. Louis MacKenzie, Romance Languages and Literatures

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